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The rise in laparoscopic and robotic surgery has been accompanied by a reciprocal decline in open procedures limiting resident exposure to open operations. Thus, high-fidelity simulation, together with deliberate instruction, is needed.  Advanced Training in Open Surgical Skills (ATOSS) was developed at UCSF to offer a structured curriculum designed specifically for advanced open surgical skills development.


This project was conceptualized after several third-year general surgery residents rotating through the kidney transplant service at UCSF noted that they felt underprepared for the rotation due to their limited exposure to open surgical skills.  In response, Dr. Shareef Syed (transplant surgeon and Associate Director of the UCSF Surgical Skills Center) convened a multidisciplinary team to develop and study a simulation-based curriculum for advanced open surgical skills using a 3D-printed iliac fossa model developed at the University of Michigan. The curriculum has generated preliminary validity evidence to support its use. 


Development of this curriculum would not be possible without the contributions of numerous faculty, trainees, and staff.

Program Lead: Shareef Syed, MD

Simulator Design & Creation:

Contributing Residents and Students:

Contributing Faculty:

Next Steps

We hope to support roll-out of this curriculum at any centers that may be interested. If you need additional information or implementation guidance, please reach out to [email protected] and [email protected].